566kW V8 monster: 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for sale in NZ – NZME

When it comes to tuning Mustangs, plenty of tuners have tried their hand at pulling more power out of the V8 engines, but no one has stood the test of time quite like Shelby.  Over the years, Shelby has built up a reputation for being the most competent when it comes to modifying various Mustang…

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Ford built an electric Mustang with a manual transmission. And we’re mad. – TechCrunch

Ford wants the world to take notice of its plans for electric vehicles. And what better way than to build an all-electric Mustang fastback with a six-speed manual transmission? And that has us angry over here because it’s a gigantic tease of a prototype that will never make it into production. Or least that’s what Ford…

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