SpaceX Just Launched a Fleet of Starlink Satellites. Here’s How to Spot Them in the Sky. –

Home News Spaceflight The 60 Starlink broadband internet satellites of SpaceX’s Starlink-2 mission are seen with the Earth as a stunning backdrop in this view from their Falcon 9 rocket second stage after a successful launch into orbit on Jan. 6, 2020. (Image: © SpaceX) SpaceX just launched its third big batch of Starlink internet…

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Here’s one thing that might make you buy a new TV: Losing Netflix support – Mashable

Is your old Samsung TV capable of running Netflix? You’ll find out on Dec. 2. Image: Nurphoto/Gettyimages By Stan Schroeder2019-11-06 09:47:20 UTC You may not be thinking about buying a new TV, but in the future, you might be compelled to do it sooner rather than later — and not just because the old one…

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