Earth’s Mantle and Crust Are in a Fiery Battle to the Death … of Supercontinents –

Home News (Image: © Shutterstock) Earth’s hot, gooey center and its cold, hard outer shell are both responsible for the creeping (and sometimes catastrophic) movement of tectonic plates. But now new research reveals an intriguing balance of power — the oozing mantle creates supercontinents while the crust tears them apart. To come to this conclusion about…

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Death Stranding’s release date has been hidden in plain sight since 2016 – GamesRadar+

Home News (Image credit: Sony) You can laugh at tarot cards and sniff at horoscopes, but there’s no arguing with the mystic powers of the Death Stranding poster. Tweeter GermanStrands took a closer look at the image and realized that the release date has been hiding in plain sight in the image that was released…

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