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PUBG Mobile Season 10 is ending soon with Season 11 already on its way. Mr Ghost Gaming, who is known for his PUBG related leaks, recently posted a new video that contains several leaks from the upcoming 0.16.5 update.

According to the leakster, the current season PUBG Mobile will end this week and the new update and season will be here by next week. The content will also include latest skins, cosmetics and changes to the menu and winter specials.

If Mr Ghost Gaming is to be believed, Ace tier rewards will also have a parachute and a diamond reward, which is a skin for a MK-14.


The video further highlights a Glacier Lab skin for the AKM, which makes the weapon look like it has been made from ice. The new lobby of the game has got a winter makeover along with skins for vehicles and winter-themed attires.

The video releases information pertaining to the inclusion of new AWM skin too. It reveals that the loadout system for the TDM mode will now see players being able to predetermine their loadout.

One of the more interesting things revealed by the leakster is the ability of players to download the files for different modes. This gives them the opportunity to not download a mode if they do not aspire to play it. This, in turn, will make the game less heavy as well.

Mr Ghost Gaming has already leaked some of the season 11 Royale Pass earlier that include rewards that players can get as they reach higher levels of the game.

The 0.16.5 update also comes with a new Snowbike, Mode Domination added with a Map in EvoGround and the absence of canted sight and Erangel 2.0.

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